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Welcome to the exciting world of Colour Reiki. This is a whole new concept in Reiki healing !

Colour Reiki is a powerful form of healing which has evolved from the merging of two dynamic therapies.

Colour healing has been used since the earliest of times in the healing temples of Ancient Egypt, China and the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Understanding Colour opens up a whole new dimension to our awareness. As Reiki practitioners we know that Reiki originated from the stars and combines Universal healing energy with ancient wisdom bringing about a deep feeling of compassion for all beings. Therefore Colour Reiki combines the two modalities with amazingly powerful yet compassionate healings on all levels.

Janet Roome has developed her own methods in this field through her private practice and workshops, finding a unique way of extending the benefits beyond physical health, into the realms of mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Colour Reiki Treatment

What can a Colour Reiki Healing do ? :-

Help eliminate illness, pain and tiredness
  Help you look and feel younger
  Enable you to meet life with energy, vigour and vitality
  Help you enter a new phase in your life – to become well and stay well.
  Become a new language for interpreting feelings
  Reconnects you to the rhythmic energies of the Planet

The Colour Reiki Workshop

On our Colour Reiki Workshops you will learn to :-

Access a client’s or your own condition
  Discover the underlying causes of a person’s health problems
  Put a Colour Reiki treatment into practice
  Be aligned to Colour Reiki energies
  Combine Colour Healing with Reiki
  Reconnect to the rhythmic energies of the Planet
  Enhance the living qualities of all life forms

The learning of Colour Reiki is split into three levels:-

Colour Reiki I (Introduction)
Colour Reiki II (advanced)
Colour Reiki Master Teacher

The Colour Reiki I & II workshop is run together over two days. This two day Colour Reiki Workshop will include a comprehensive, easy to understand manual and a Colour Reiki certificate. Price of this course is £225
(The minimum requirement for this Colour Reiki workshop is that you must have been attuned to at least Reiki I.)

The Colour Reiki Master Teacher workshop is run over two days. On this Colour Reiki Master Teacher class you will learn all you need to know on how to teach Colour Reiki to your students. Of course Colour Reiki can be used for our own healing on all levels too and this course would benefit all who wish to learn more about Colour Reiki and the healing of self, others and the planet. This course will heighten the level of consciousness that you assess when you are healing with Colour Reiki thus bringing higher guides and energies into your realm quickening your own healing and clearing your mind to receive information from the Universal Mind.

This course will come with complete Colour Reiki Master manual and certificate. The price of this Colour Reiki Master class is £275.

This two day course is only open to those who are already Reiki Masters and who have already taken the Colour Reiki I & II workshop. You will need to have completed at least one documented client treatment of two sessions or more utilising the client consultation form in the Colour Reiki II manual. (contact Janet if you need this consultation form).

If you would like to come on one of these Colour Reiki courses please contact Janet for enrolment details on 01629 733227 or e.mail:

Please look for Colour Reiki course dates in Diary section.