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C.P.D. (Continual Professional Development)




This two day workshop is set in Matlock in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. 

At this time now on Earth there is an unprecendented opportunity to rise into the Light.  There are Higher Beings, Archangels and Angels and Ascended Masters to help us all.

Yes ascending to the higher realms can be achieved in this lifetime.  We may have to work at it but all the tools and information we need are right here on this two day course.

You are invited to join the millions on the planet now actively working towards a joyful life of spirit.

In order to Ascend you need to balance your karma from all previous incarnations.

You needc to complete the mission you took for this life on Earth.  Some people have a knowing they are doing what they came here to do.  Others may need to access in meditation the blueprint of their life.

We live in incredible times.  Never before in the history of humankind has there been such an opportunity for spiritual growth."

The price of this workshop is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £190 for the two day class.


This workshop will be run by Janet Roome.

Atlantis was a very ancient civilization that was in existence many thousands of years ago. They were a highly spiritually advanced people and used very similar methods of healing to ourselves but on a much higher level.

We are being reconnected to the Atlantis energies now so that we can learn their secrets and also learn about the downfall of their race due to some of them abusing their knowledge so that we on Earth do not make the same mistakes as them.

Wonderful things could happen on this workshop!

So book early to avoid disappointment.

The price of this workshop is . . . . . . . . . . . . £110 for one day class
£190 for the two day class


Ascended Masters are very high Spiritual Beings some of whom who have had incarnations on Earth and some whom haven't.

Being able to connect with these beings of Light is a wonderful way of broadening our spiritual development.

If you are finding that you are reacting towards others more with compassion than with judgement then you are starting to channel an Ascended Master who will bring much light, knowledge and wisdom into your life.

Attending this workshop will enhance and develop this connection. We will also be working with colour, meditation and Aura Soma essences.

Early booking essential to avoid disappointment.

The price of this workshop is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £110 for the one day class


The purpose of this Channelling Course is to help you to channel information from your guides in whatever way is right and appropriate to you. It will all help you towards channelling your guides information and wisdom. You will be guided through exercises and mediations which will help towards raising your vibration to meet the vibration of your guides.

Everyone will have a different experience of channelling. Your experience will be unique to you.

The higher realms where the guides exist are full of love. Your guide's aim is to make you more powerful, more independent and more confident. Your guide is full of love, compassion and understanding for you. Your guide knows that you have a higher purpose, which represents the real heart of your reason for choosing to be born at this time and in these circumstances. It is some people's belief that before birth, each of us is encoded by our soul with a "mission" - our higher purpose for this lifetime. We consciously choose this with our soul's guidance.

The price of this two day class is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £190


Everyone is inherently psychic and this is mostly evident in little children who talk about seeing angels and invisible friends. Because society is un accepting

of these psychic experiences children are discouraged and switch off this natural gift.

This Psychic Workshop is offered to those of you who would like to be reawakened to your very own psychic abilities and full potential. The workshop is run over two days in two separate parts. Day 1 is the Introduction to your psychicness and Day 2 introduces you to even more advanced techniques. The student can attend the course altogether over two days or can take the Introduction first and come back at a later date to take the more advanced class.

The more time you spend working on yourself in this way the greater the rewards from the Universe and the faster will be your spiritual growth. If you are already connecting with healing energies your more developed psychic-ness can enhance your healing work.

The more you broaden your psychicness for healing, the higher the energies of the Masters that will be working through you.

The price of this workshop is £110 for a one day class and £190 for a two day class.


Everyone has a Guardian Angel who is appointed to them when they first incarnate and who stays with them throughout all their incarnations, evolving as they evolve. Like all angels it is androgynous and is pure spirit.

Angels are surrounding us now, not only to inspire and encourage us, but also to help us and smooth our pathway to the light.

While there have always been angels guiding and whispering to us, now there are more than ever before.

Because of their higher-vibratory state, they cannot be seen by most people. So they are drawing attention to their presence by floating little feathers down to us. Feathers are their calling cards.

This is a one day workshop for all those of you who would like to connect more closely with their Guardian Angel.

Price of this one day class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £110

  C.P.D. (Continual Professional Development)

Students have been asking for a few years now to able to come back and work with me to revisit a course they have done with me or go over some aspect of a class that they have forgotten.

This new mentoring style is available to all those who have trained at either Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master level (with or without Holy Fire Reiki) or Colour Reiki Master level with The Spirit of the Peaks Centre for Reiki Training.

One to one mentoring and CPD updating days are now available to these students. The classes can be taken over one, two or three days. This mentoring style of class can help the student revisit parts of their Master training that may need redefining.

This class will help with the students professional development as a teacher/healer and new higher vibrational techniques will also be discussed and taught if appropriate by the student.

Some students who are not so confident and want to evolve to teach find the extra one to one mentoring gives them impetus they need to put their energy as a teacher out there to bring the right students to them.

Other more confident students find this one to one mentoring an essential part of honouring who they are and their ever evolving abilities as a way to give their students the very best tuition.

This class is charged by the day. For prices or more information on this one to one mentoring style class please contact Janet on 01629 733227 or e.mail: .


You are invited . . . . . . . to join a relaxing and rejuvenating Reiki Retreat in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District National Park. The venue is Cavendish Hall in Beeley (which is just up Chapel Hill from the pub).

The Spirit of the Peaks Centre for Reiki Training is offering this Reiki Retreat in answer to the requests of many Reiki students and Reiki friends. We feel it will be an ideal opportunity for you to relax and rejuvenate yourself whilst having fun and enjoying the company of other Reiki Practitioners and sharing in the magical spirit of Reiki.

Whilst we hope this Reiki Retreat will be fun, relaxing and rejuvenating we will also be focusing on re-evaluating our spiritual path and soul purpose. And we will also be studying in greater depth the Usui Reiki healing system, the Reiki symbols and mantras and its's unique traditions.

For this Reiki Retreat you will need to have been attuned to at least Reiki I level.

There will be ample opportunity for participating in Reiki healings on a one to one or group basis.

Whilst on the Retreat all coffee/teas and lunches catered for.

At some time during the Reiki Retreat there will be a visit to Arbor Low the Stonehenge of the North to participate in some earth energy work.

The price of this Reiki Retreat will be £210 with a £100 deposit payable on booking and remainder to be paid 3 weeks prior to commencement of Retreat.

Accommodation is not inclusive in this price. A full list of local hotels, B & B's and campsites can be supplied on request.

If you are interested in receiving a booking form please phone Janet Roome on 01629 733227 or e.mail: .


Crystal Balls are powerful time-honoured instruments of divination.

They allow you to access, amplify and project energies not normally available. They can be used for self-discovery, clarification, new perspectives and even accessing hidden knowledge.

Through the use of crystal balls this course will take the process of divination out of the realm of the occult and supernatural and place it in the realm of natural knowledge, within the inherent ability of everyone.

You will be able to prove to yourself just how easy and natural divination and seership can be.

The price of this one day class will be . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £110