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Reiki I Degree - provides you with the basic healing techniques and hand positions of Reiki for treating yourself and others. During the course you will receive a powerful attunement to the Reiki energy.

The attunements will align you with the universal energy and allow you to receive Reiki and pass it on to others. Training in Reiki techniques will teach you how to utilise this energy to its fullest potential. Our training courses focus on practical healing techniques, personal self development and Reiki theory. The price of the courses includes a comprehensive Reiki manual and certificate.

The price of this (1 day) intensive Reiki 1 course (inc Holy Fire Reiki) will be . . . . .£175  

Reiki II Degree further develops the ability to channel Reiki energy with the power and versatility of distant healing and increased energy flow. With Reiki II comes the introduction of three sacred symbols which enable you to remove deep-seated energy blocks to speed up the healing process and further amplify the Reiki energy to a higher level.

The Reiki II intensive workshop incorporates the introduction and learning of the symbols with the sacred attunement and instruction of hand positions for Reiki II plus instruction on client and self treatments and other practical applications.

The price of this (1 day) intensive Reiki 1 course (inc Holy Fire Reiki) will be . . . . . . £275

Reiki level I & II combined class taught over 2 days £375. This class is ideal for those who have limited time, those wishing to revisit Reiki I & II or those wishing to add Holy Fire Reiki onto their first two Usui levels.


This is the Usui Reiki Master Teacher level with the addition of HOLY FIRE REIKI

The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many and you don’t have to teach Reiki in order for the Master training to be useful to you. The additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge will all add value to your healing abilities.

Treating yourself and others in person will be noticeably improved.

The fact that you can pass Reiki on to friends and family is also a definite plus. Many take the Master training with this in mind. However, if you ever decide to teach you will be able to do so.

As you take the Reiki Master training and increase your personal vibration this all adds to the vibration of the whole planet.

One of the greatest joys of Reiki Mastership is teaching Reiki to others. Imagine the thrill of witnessing the members of your Reiki class receiving Reiki energy during the attunement and sharing in their joy and amazement as they experience its gentle power flowing through them for the very first time.

The Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master training is run over three days in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. The Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master ignition/attunement connects you with the Holy Fire energy and includes the Holy Fire symbol, the Usui Reiki Master symbol as well as the three Usui Reiki II symbols. And the course further develops the skills of the previous two degrees.

The Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master ignition/attunement increases the strength of the Reiki and the effectiveness of the first three symbols giving the student as broad an experience of the energy as possible.

The methods of attunement/ignition that will be taught encompassing both Holy Fire and Usui Reiki which simplifies and empowers the system taught.

You will be able to add Holy Fire Reiki to your Usui Reiki I & II attunements.

On completion of this class you will become registered with The International Centre for Reiki Training as a Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

I was taught Holy Fire Karuna Reiki by William Rand the founder of Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna Reiki and President of The International Centre for Reiki Training U.S.A.

To help students that find it difficult to learn symbols and their mantras we will send copies of the symbols to be used on the class to you prior to your course to enable you to learn the symbols and their mantras before the class, enabling you to relax and enjoy the class without having to worry about learning the symbols over the time you are on the course. These symbols cannot be used in a healing or attunement capacity until you have actually attended the course and been attuned/ignited to the symbols by the Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

Spirit of the Peaks Centre for Reiki Training like to limit their Reiki classes to no more than six ensuring students can work together in a happy, safe and friendly environment. Many lasting friendships have been made on our Reiki classes.

The price for this three day Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master class is . . . £475

However if you would like to be taught this course on a one to one basis I can offer this (3 days) class at a price of £575.

If after taking your Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master Teacher level you may want to study further then Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is an option we can offer.


Please see separate section on Karuna Reiki.



Colour Reiki is a whole new concept in Reiki healing. This is a system of healing that has been developed that encompasses both Reiki and Colour Healing. The two healing modalities combined make for a very powerful healing system.

Colour Reiki combines the already compassionate healing of Reiki with the very powerful healing energy of colour bringing about a wonderful healing on all levels.

Understanding colour opens up a new dimension to our awareness. It has great significance and effectiveness as an accurate tool for self discovery and personal awareness.

This is a two day course which introduces the student to the ways in which Reiki and Colour can be combined. It transforms your Reiki healings from black and white into glowing technicolour.

Colour Reiki is being recognised by the therapist, healer and healee as the breakthrough method of healing for the new millennium.

Price of this two day course. . . . . £225 - Peak District