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Soul profile readings can help you to understand your life purpose and can help eliminate any feelings of confusion and help you to establish a stronger sense of focus on the path of your soul's journey.


This can assist you in feelings of being "stuck" or if you are at a "life crossroads" situation, or simply if you are looking for more clarity of purpose and a feeling of inner peace. All these issues can be highlighted and any necessary clearing work undertaken. Zircon will help you to tune into the ancient wisdom of your soul through your very own personal blueprint in the Akashic records.


Soul clearings are guided by your higher self and go on as long as spiritually appropriate. Practical issues about work, relationships and physical healing and opening back up to Spirit are addressed. You may feel a settling within your body and a sense of amazing peace often occurs as deep cellular healing takes place.


Understand more about yourself  

  • Which soul group you are from and what is the group mission
  • Which Archangel realm do you originate from
  • What is your soul type
  • Find out what your soul is here to do
  • Be guided towards your true work
  • What is the condition of your soul memory system
  • Are your spiritual guides working with you effectively
  • Connect to the Peace which your soul longs you to feel
  • Learn how to let abundance into your life without struggle
  • Learn how to attract real love into your life

  These issues and many others can be highlighted and any clearing work recommended. The clearings are undertaken with the client's conscious and soul permission. All work is done using absentee or distant healing energies. Reports are sent via e.mail or postal service.


"I have never been incarnated on Earth but I know of your struggles and appreciate the soul journeys of many of you whose mission is to bring peace to all beings. I was incarnated on a planet many millions of light years away where the ground was covered in brilliant crystals. These crystals were used for healing and higher technology. It is a privilege for me to work with you. I love doing it and it nurtures me as much as it helps humanity. What comes from your hearts is magnified many times in blessings for you and all of creation". . . . Zircon


An in depth Soul Reading/Clearing by "Zircon" Spirit Guide of Janet Roome of Spirit of the Peaks is £85 (3 hrs) includes a comprehensive written report. Reports are sent via e.mail or postal service. To arrange an in depth Soul Profile Reading and Clearing call 01629 733227 or e.mail